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Joysee eyewear Founded in 2005, with the spirit of innovation and lofty goal: to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost designer glasses. We mainly produces optical glasses, sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses, reading glasses and sports eyewear. We are proud of our industry leading and unparalleled personalized customer service. We attach great importance to the relationship with our customers. Joysee was founded as a socially conscious enterprise

Joysee types of eyeglasses consists of:

Sales staff, who are familiar with the production of glasses and good at communication with the ,

Engineers ,who are experienced able to handle and solve manufacturing technical issues

Designers , who are with unique creativity and artistic spark

Production management team,who are rigorous and responsible 

Quality control team who are with production experience and responsible for inspection

We are a  reliable and trustworthy eyewear manufacturer that truly understands the importance of providing you with your eyewear needs.

We are also developing and using biomaterials, degradable materials, renewable materials, recycled materials, recyclable materials, natural materials (wood, bamboo, stone, shell, horn) to make glasses.

eco friendly material materials will be the future in glasses production

we can carry out some committed efforts to cut back on the rate of resource depletion, and do small benifits to our planet

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