Blue Light Blocking Glasses


We began to produce high-quality top rated blue light blocking glasses in 2015. We now have rich knowledge and experience in the production of blue light lenses and glasses,and we have also cooperated with some world-famous brands of blue light glasses.

1. We know and use all kinds of materials lenses to block blue light.

2. We know and use blue light blocking lenses with different colors and spectral transmittance

3. Blue light glasses can be used by children, office workers, gamer and the elderly who use mobile phones and computer screens to help reduce the damage of harmful blue light to the retina, adjust and improve melatonin secretion and improve sleep

4. Blocking mechanism of blue light blocking lenses :

a. Base material absorption: the anti blue light material is added into the base material of the lens to absorb the harmful blue light in life, so as to achieve the protection purpose of blue light barrier.

b. Coating reflection: the lens surface coating, through the film will be harmful blue light reflection, blue light barrier to achieve the purpose of protection.

c. Base material absorption + film reflection: this technology combines the advantages of the first two technologies to carry out double effect protection. This technology is mainly applied to anti blue light glasses with moon lenses.

5. The glasses frame designed according to the principle of ergonomics is comfortable to wear and reasonable in structure.

6. The frame materials include acetate, stainless steel, copper, PC, TR90 and eco friendly.

7. Strong and flexiable  sunglasses are very firm and not easy to damage. The hinge of catapult can bear large tension and swing without damaging its function

8. Customers can specify the color of the frame, metal plating color, according to the different needs of customers, we can redesign the exclusive style of customers

9. High quality paint can be firmly attached to the glasses without falling off

10. The strong hinge connects the front frame and the mirror leg

11. We can provide different forms of logo on optical frames and lenses, including screen printing, laser, metal label, engraving and other high-quality solutions

12. We innovate new ideas of mixing various materials, new design ideas and drawings are constantly turned into real products by us

13. We also provide customers with a wealth of mirror cloth and packaging (bag, carton, leather box, folding box, supermarket packaging, etc.) solutions. We are willing to try and produce customers' new ideas

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